• "He has a knack of making complicated factual scenarios seem very straightforward"
  • "Personable, responsive
    and very helpful"
  • "Tenacious in
  • "He has a calm and measured approach and his keen sense of humour come across in conference and helps to lighten situations"
  • "The witnesses appreciated the approach taken, which left them with the confidence to do a good job whilst giving evidence"
  • "Always approachable
    and reliable"
  • "Always happy to help and
    makes himself available to assist"
  • "Provides sensible realistic advice giving consideration to the practical implications of the matter"
  • "In advising, Richard cuts to the chase and his advice...is direct yet reasoned, clear and easy to understand"

Advice & Representation

Why Seek This Advice & Representation From The Grass is Greener?

Ask yourself, what does my business consultant, my insurer or my solicitor really know about employment law? Have they tested their knowledge in the Employment Tribunals across England and Wales, in the County Court, in the Employment Appeals Tribunal, in the Court of Appeal? What is their advice based upon? Has it been tested in the heat of trial advocacy?

By seeking Advice & Representation from the Grass is Greener you can be sure that the service you will receive is not just based on a text book, on a Google search, a review of the ACAS website or even on a downloaded app, it is based on hard won experience, knowing what works and doesn’t work in the Employment Tribunal or County Court. By instructing the Grass is Greener through Public Access you will receive the benefit of that expertise in everything we do.

Have a nationally recognised Employment Expert on YOUR side

The Grass is Greener offers a variety of employment law services including: